CSE 125 Project: Neat Defense, by Neat Hat Studios

A 3D, Multiplayer, Tower Defense Game

Aaron Kleinsteiber

My role: user interface, user experience, creatively preparing and integrating artwork

Link to video presentation of our game

CSE 125 is a unique course at UCSD that allows us to form small groups to oversee a complex project from the initial stages of design to a finished product. In our case, we created a 3D, multiplayer, Tower Defense game.

In our group, I was in charge of making sure the interface worked well and making sure the general user experience was good. I also prepared and integrated much of the art into the game (as well as created some of my own). As expected in a project of this type, though, we all worked a bit on all parts of the project.

Professor Geoff Voelker's website has a good description of the course and has links to videos of the presentations of our projects at the end of the course.

The end product had to work on Windows, but most of us did development on the Mac: we had 6 Mac users and one Linux user. Therefore, we used Qt as the framework for our development; all the other groups used Windows and Microsoft's DirectX.


Neat Defense, Mac OS X (Universal Binary) Download DMG
Note: the game server that is pre-populated in the login screen at arc4.ucsd.edu is not still running. Please download the game server below, launch it before opening the game, open the game and type "localhost" (without the quotes) into the Server field on the login screen. Use any username and password, or click "Quick Test" to start a single-player game.

Game Server, Mac OS X (Universal Binary) Download