A content management system for homework assignments

Aaron Kleinsteiber

InstAssign is a homework management system that I wrote with a fellow student in 2004. It was used at The Harker School in San Jose, California from 2004 to 2013. I designed the interface, collaborated on the rest of the design, and worked on all aspects of the system. We built everything from scratch.

InstAssign is a web-based homework management system written in PHP and using a MySQL database. InstAssign's major features include easy access for students to all of their assignments and easy access for teachers to post assignments. InstAssign uses student, teacher, and class schedule data from an existing student information system or data can be input manually.

Teachers have monthly and weekly views of each of their classes, where they can add and edit assignments. The system automatically creates a test calendar if there is a per-student limit to the number of tests per day. Teachers also have access to each of their students' views.

There are many different student views for convenience: students can see assignments for all of their classes on a given day or week and monthly and weekly views of assignments in a given class.

Students and teachers have access to daily announcements, and teachers have the ability to post announcements. It uses XSLT to translate an XML representation of students' assignments to allow them to view their assignments from an RSS feed or from their cell phones via WAP.

Core technologies used: PHP, MySQL (or MS-SQL), JavaScript, XML, XSLT, RSS, WML.