TelePresence Video Wall Animation Tool

Prototyping for Cisco TelePresence IX5000

Aaron Kleinsteiber

I created this tool for Product Management to use to discover optimal screen layouts for a video meeting. It will visualize new animations for live video streams, still images, and other meeting content. It allows you to interact with a representation of a video system in a web browser to change the real system in real-time.

Please scroll down for animated example flows of using the tool.

Directly manipulate the streams on the laptop (Animated)
Drag & resize to see them move in real time on the video wall.

Pixel-perfect control over position, scale, and rotation (Animated)

Create and run animations between presets (Animated)

Works with any size video wall (Animated)

Transitions in the Time Domain
Add-on to the above tool to create & run transition presets that start and end at different times for different video streams.


HTML/CSS/JavaScript, jQuery, SQLite, PHP, shell scripts