Prototyping Lab

Prototyping for Cisco TelePresence

Aaron Kleinsteiber

I designed, built and maintained a prototyping lab to support the team's prototyping efforts. Above, you see one of the room layouts that was built in the lab, and its representation on a video wall. I determined the equipment to purchase, then connected and programmed everything: Cisco's proprietary codecs, HD cameras, TVs, and off-the-shelf professional AV equipment (matrix switches, scalers, chroma keyers, audio mixers, etc.).

This is another lab design to determine optimal locations for cameras, displays, and whiteboards, using many tiny clusters of three 4K cameras and dozens of GoPro cameras. On the left side is the control station for the lab space.

Wiring diagram of one lab configuration.


I created lab designs and connection diagrams, determined the matrix connections and presets for a 36x36 DVI switch and 24x24 audio mixer, set up video scalers, video recorders, chroma keyers, PTZ and fixed video cameras, pen input devices, gestural input devices, computers, Cisco TelePresence systems, microphones, speakers, SMART boards, and TVs. I set up and connected all the equipment.